Tips for writing a curriculum vitae without a degree

May 02, 2017
History has shown that the degree is not always necessary for a brilliant career. Two of the most well-known names worldwide, Bill Gates of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, never finished their studies, but they managed to take off professionally and create impregnable fortunes.

So if you belong to those who do not have a degree in university or technology education, but only work experience, do not be disappointed. You can take advantage of the following tips and create a resume that will win your impressions and secure your next job.

Work experience

Employers everywhere in the world want to know that the person they hire is efficient and good at their job. The best way to prove this is to accurately portray certain achievements and successes you have achieved in your previous work.

If your CV is properly structured in this direction and you earn the impressions from the first paragraph, it is certain that your prospective employer will overlook any shortcomings in education and degrees.

Professional development

Your personal initiatives for learning and professional development in your resume can help degrade the fact that you have no degree. By presenting your participation in training programs, such as various courses, seminars, conferences etc. You will prove to your employer that you have the necessary know-how to do the job you need while also showing your interest in continuous professional development.

For some employers, such candidate profiles are more enjoyable than those of candidates who have only obtained a college degree.

Incomplete education

If you are in the process of completing your degree or owe enough lessons from the past, make sure you have mentioned it in your resume. It is important to be honest.

Send CV to the right person

If you do not have a degree, but you have more than 10 years of professional experience, the right person to see your resume is not the staff manager, but the decision maker, the decision maker, the decision maker, and most likely You will not care about a diploma you have received 10 years ago, but only for your professional successes.

Certainly there are professions that have a degree and university education, such as a doctor, a mechanic, and a lawyer, but in many cases success in a person's career is based more on experience and less on education.
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